Underwater & Abovewater Repair and Rehabilitation in Africa

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Structural Repairs & Rehabilitation in Africa

Underwater Repair in Africa

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our expertise On Surface & Underwater

Structural Investigation and Assessment

  • Underwater Videography, Inspection, Mapping and 3D measurement of various defects with GPS coordinates using ROV, Sonar and Divers.
  • Inspection, Survey, Videography and Mapping defects of the structures above the water surface level, using Drones and engaging experts.
  • Carrying out Investigation through Visual Inspection, NDT, Load Test, Vibration Strain analysis and Chemical tests of the structure in under and above water condition.
  • Health Assessment of existing structure with expert team.
  • Design, Analysis of data and remedial measures for Restoration, Refurbishment and Strengthening of existing structure.
  • Design Analysis for Seismic Retrofitting and also for Enhancement of load bearing capacity of structure.
  • Geo-technical Investigation, Underwater Soil Testing, Detail study for analysis of pore pressure, Hydraulic gradient, Seepage path identification, Conducting electric resistivity and streaming potential.