Structural Investigation Services in Africa,

Rehabilitation & Strengthening services in Africa

Underwater Repair & Rehabilitation services in Africa

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our expertise On Surface & Underwater

Rehabilitation and Strengthening

  • Rehabilitation and Refurbishment of concrete, masonry and steel structure.
  • Restoration and Strengthening of well foundations, piers, piles, abutment, girders and deck slab.
  • Underwater Concreting for plugging of gap / cavity between cutting edge and resting bed.
  • Refurbishment and Strengthening of dam walls, diaphragm walls, ports, jetty, aqua duct and hydro structure.
  • Strengthening and Seismic retrofitting and load bearing capacity enhancement of structures for highway and railway bridges, buildings and other structures.
  • Repair and Sealing of cracks, honeycombs, resurfacing and pointing of concrete and masonry joints.
  • Expansion joints, Construction and Block joints treatment.
  • Reinstatement and Strengthening of gates groove and guide plates in underwater.